Friday, December 19, 2008

Sydney Stories!

Story #1
The Scary Snowman

The other night, after the first winter blast hit our neighborhood, we decided to go for a walk. You know, get out and enjoy the freshly fallen snow. So we did! Ryan and I bundled up for the winter weather, hooked up the dog to her leash and headed out.  It was a great walk.  I love to see our neighborhood covered in snow and the Christmas lights look especially beautiful.  On the way home we walked past a cute house.  No Christmas lights but it must have been the home of children (or at least kids at heart), because there was a snowman in the front yard.  As we approached the yard Sydney moved to the other side of me and slowed down.  We got closer to the snowman and she slowed way down.  Holy Cow!  My dog is afraid of a snowman!!!  So I did what any good dog owner would do, we walked right up to the snow man.  :o)  Sydney stayed at the end of her leash.  As we got to the scary snowman her head went down and she barked at it!  In her defense it was a pretty ugly snowman!

Story #2
The Yummy Cookies

A few weeks ago I attempted to back some yummy cookie press cookies to give away.  They didn't turn out so good.  They tasted okay but every single cookie broke when I tried to take them off of the cookie sheet.  So the cookie pieces went into a bowl and onto a plate for us to eat, instead of into pretty packages.  A day or so later Ryan and I took a trip to the outlet stores.  When we got home, we noticed something funny on the kitchen floor.  It was the bowl and plate.  They had been sitting on the kitchen table full of cookies.  Now they were sitting on the floor completely empty.  Our sweet little puppy dog some how pulled the dishes off the table and ate every single cookie!!!  I'm still not sure how she got them down without breaking them.  :o)

Winter Day #2

The snow has stopped falling here in Puget Sound but with temperatures in the twenties it's not going anywhere anytime soon! In fact there is more winter weather in the forecast for this weekend! This is quite crazy for our neck of the woods.
I stayed home from work yesterday so I got to enjoy the view of snow falling outside of our office window. Here are a few photos from around our house yesterday.
the backyard
our crazy mutt trying to pick up her very frozen flying squirrel
"mom, I don't want to pose for a picture,"
our snow covered little house
the volvo is under there somewhere
the internet connection went down at work so Ryan got to come home a little early.
He caught Syd and I outside playing in the snow!
"mom, can we go out and play again?"
I can't resist those puppy dog eyes so we went out to make a snowman. The snow is surprisingly dry and would not stick together at all. So here is the little tiny iceman I made instead.
play, play, play
then inside for a yummy cup of peppermint hot chocolate!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wonderful Winter Evening

It's been a long time since our last post in July!!!  I thought about posting all of our life events in cronological order but that may take me more than a year.  So I'll just start with the most recent and go on from there!

It's snowing like crazy here in Everett!  Last night my husband :) and I did our best to enjoy this rare showing of winter!  

We sat in front of our Christmas tree with warm cups of peppermint hot chocolate.

Sydney got a little treat too!
(that's whip-cream on her paws!)

Then we went for a walk around our neighborhood.  
The world is amazingly beautiful and quiet when it is covered in snow.  

I made a snow angel.
(Please note the paws prints around the angel's head. 
I got attacked by Syd's tongue!)

Lucky dog!  We found a ball in the school field and played for awhile.  She loves the snow!  And that ball was just flat enough for her to retrieve!  Sydney will fetch anything, even a snowball!

I hope you are enjoying winter wherever you are!
Stay safe and warm!!!