Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Dog!

GOSH! It's hot today. But mom spoils me and she brought me to her office today. Now I just need to find a cool place to rest.
Maybe under mom's desk. Oh yeah, that feels better.

On second thought . . . maybe I'll just sprawl out on the floor!
Stay cool everyone! Woof!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wonderful Husband!

Yeah, so I never came back "this weekend" to blog about our life. I'll catch up, someday. But life doesn't seem to stop long enough for me to blog about it!

So, last Wednesday Ryan had to go down south somewhere for work. On his way home he stopped in Seattle and picked up these!!!

Does my husband know me or what?!?! There is no faster way to my heart than with a cupcake! These ones happen to be from my fave cupcake shop, Trophy Cupcakes. The one in the lower left is Snickerdoodle! I had never had that one before. It was delicious!!!

Boy do I love him!

Then I came home yesterday to this . . .

How domestic is it of me to get excited about a new sink?!?!

Ryan's plan when I left yesterday morning was to replace the faucet. The old one was leaky and falling apart. Well, the old sink was just about as bad as the old faucet so he just replaced them both. I love them! The new sink is way deeper than the old sink which is really nice for washing big pots and pans. And the nozzle on the new faucet detaches to rinse and spray in all directions.

Cupcakes and a new sink! What more could a girl want! :o)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Post-It Love!

Happy Friday!
(via A CUP OF JO, via Le Love)
I love this! It kinda reminds me of my own office romance! :o) Sorta. Kinda.
I'll be back this weekend with a few posts on our lives lately.