Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rolling Once Again

A rare post from the other Leigh!

After 2 long years of finding parts, breaking parts, finding those parts, scratched and bloody knuckles, as well as bills my lovely wife would rather forget...the old motorcycle is done. This is the machine my dad bought new back in '73 and the one we pulled, dusty and rusty, out of my sisters shed where it sat for more than 10 years. Both dad and I had our doubts it would ever be viable transportation again, but I'm happy to say it is. Happy to be able to say the only thing I didn't do myself was the fuel tank sealing and repaint. Happier yet to be there to witness pop seeing it for the first time since the refurbish, standing with his brother Michael admiring the shiny machine. I think it took him back a few years, a few miles, and put a smile on his face.

That alone was worth it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Word Wednesday - CincoDeMayo

(photo by Reece, 3 years old)

(photo by Reece, 3 years old)

(photo by Reece, 3 years old)