Monday, March 3, 2008

February Fun!

February was a great month for Ryan and I.
Two little vacations brought us some much needed rest and relaxation.
For our first vacation we hoped on a plane, flew to Palm Springs, and we met up with Ryan's mom and Dennis. We left a cold and rainy Seattle and arrived in a very sunny Palm Springs. The sun was a very welcome site for Ryan,

but a little less welcome for me and my pale skin. While in Palm Springs we golfed, hiked, shopped and ate very well!

We hiked up Tahquitz Canyon. It was a beautiful hike on a warm sunny day. The American Southwest is unlike anything we see in the Pacific Northwest. The desert and rock formations are amazing and it is very interesting to think about the people that used to live in this area.

After our hike in the canyon, and a delicous lunch at a local fish market, we took a ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. On this amazing feat of engineering you climb two and a half miles, in the World's Largest Rotating Tramcar, to the pristine wilderness of Mount San Jacinto State Park. It is a beautiful place where you can hike, camp, crosscountry ski and snowshoe. I was prepared for hiking but I was not prepared for the amount of snow at the top of the mountain.
Who goes to Palm Springs and thinks snow!?!? Dispite the fact that I could not feel my toes we hiked through the snow and to the top of a huge rock to get a view of the valley.

Our last big adventure while we were in Palm Springs was a tour through Joshua Tree National Park. This park is the most amazing colision of climates. It is a very unique place where the high desert meets the low desert and creates a fascinating collection of plants, animals and geological features. Here is just a glimpse of the park.

A big huge THANK YOU to Nancy and Dennis for hosting us in Palm Springs!

Oh, and check out our photo album for more pictures.

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