Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Camp Colfax

Picture this:

3 guys, 3 dogs, and one little Caitlyn baby all smashed into an SUV for a trip across the state. That was the scene last weekend for a little time away from the city. Or, rather, time all of our wives (Jen, Tiffany, and Kate) could enjoy doing what they wanted without husbands grumbling. When we arrived in Colfax we pretty much exploded out of the vehicle.

Fast forward 3 days. The following pictures are of our dog after running full blast for 2 days, playing in the creek, chasing the 4-wheeler around the farm, and missing her customary 6 hour daily nap. Yes, this was her day on Monday. No, she didn't do anything else that day. NOT A THING.

7am (she's been here since 11pm the night before)

12 noon (love the paw over the nose!)

3:30pm (she didn't make it back to her bed after going outside to pee)

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