Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Day #2

The snow has stopped falling here in Puget Sound but with temperatures in the twenties it's not going anywhere anytime soon! In fact there is more winter weather in the forecast for this weekend! This is quite crazy for our neck of the woods.
I stayed home from work yesterday so I got to enjoy the view of snow falling outside of our office window. Here are a few photos from around our house yesterday.
the backyard
our crazy mutt trying to pick up her very frozen flying squirrel
"mom, I don't want to pose for a picture,"
our snow covered little house
the volvo is under there somewhere
the internet connection went down at work so Ryan got to come home a little early.
He caught Syd and I outside playing in the snow!
"mom, can we go out and play again?"
I can't resist those puppy dog eyes so we went out to make a snowman. The snow is surprisingly dry and would not stick together at all. So here is the little tiny iceman I made instead.
play, play, play
then inside for a yummy cup of peppermint hot chocolate!

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Holly said...

Yay some new posts! Looks like you had fun in the snow. We got lots of snow in Utah too but not nearly as much back home in WA. Hope you had a great Christmas!