Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Hour

Last night I met Ryan and his "drinking buddy" (aka my sister Heidi) at a local watering hole called Diamond Knot Brewery & Alehouse.  It was a rough-and-tough-beer-drinking-peanut-eating-shell-spitting kind of place.  The brewery is on the Mukilteo waterfront right by the ferry.  It was a little bit strange walking into this bar by myself, but I soon spotted Ryan and Heidi.  The beer was great, the service was friendly and we ordered a delicious pizza to share.  

After dinner Heidi came back to our house for a Wii bit of fun!  She and Ryan played Guitar Hero until their eyes hurt.  I'm terrible at that game so I was happy to watch!  Sydney on the other hand did not want Heidi playing Guitar Hero.  She wanted Heidi to play with her.  
Why else would anyone come to visit!

(you can't see it very well, but Sydney has a sock tug toy in her mouth 
and she is trying to get Heidi to play)

Heidi stayed the night and we were treated to Egg Leigh-muffins for breakfast!!!  They were delicious.  Thanks Ryan, breakfast maker extraordinaire, for making breakfast 
and thanks Heidi for coming to play!

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