Friday, April 2, 2010

I got him good!

Happy April Fools Day (a day late)!!!

I'm wasn't really sure why we have this day where everyone pulls pranks on each other, seems kinda strange.
Fun, but strange.  So I Topeka'ed it.  

No one is exactly sure why we celebrate April 1st with pranks, but it is believed to have originated in 1582.  That is when the king of France changed the calendar.  He moved the New Year's celebration that ran from March 25th to April 1st (a whole week to celebrate the new year!) to just one day, January 1st.  Unfortunately no one blogged, or tweeted, or updated their Facebook status with news of the change so there were many people who didn't know.  The people that continued to celebrate the last day of the New Year's celebration on April 1st were called fools, subject to ridicule and sent on absurd errands.  People around the world have been pulling pranks ever since. 

One of those people is me!  :o)
Yesterday I got Ryan really good.  TWICE!!

First Fool - Yesterday morning while Ryan was showering I went into the bathroom and told him he better hurry.  The news had just reported on a huge accident, southbound I-5 and blocking all lanes.  He kinda got a worried sound in his voice and said, "Really?  All lanes?"  I told him yep, all lanes were blocked.  I said a semi was on it's side and several other cars were involved.  "Oh crap" he said as he turned off the shower. Then I told him that 99 was really bad too because everyone was trying to use it as an alternate route.  He was bummed and getting used to the idea that he would be really late for work.  As he was stewing in the shower I quietly grabbed his towel off the rack and held it open for him.  When he pulled back the shower curtain I yelled . . .

Second Fool - I had to run an errand yesterday afternoon and when I got back to the house I found a package on the back porch.  I knew right away that is was Ryan's new motorcycle helmet.  He had ordered it a while back and was eager to use it.  As I looked at the package from my car, I was hit with a stroke of genius.  I quickly let Syd out of the car, grabbed the package and headed inside.  My idea was to carefully open the package and replace the new helmet with his 20 year old one that is falling apart.  Slicing open the top of the box would be too obvious so I opened it from the bottom and took out the 2nd nice box that contained the new helmet.  I took that new helmet and hid it in our bedroom and placed the old helmet in the nice new box, then put everything back into the shipping box.  I knew that once he saw the package on the kitchen table he would open it right away.
(the fancy new helmet box)
As I was neatly taping the bottom closed again I heard Ryan's truck in the drive way.  Quickly and carefully I closed up the box and flipped it back over.  Then I stashed away the tape and went to greet Ryan at the back door.  I hugged him and said welcome home.  I was holding back a big huge grin with every fiber of my being.  We did the customary how was your day talk and Ryan told me that his day was crappy.  Then we walked into the kitchen and he saw the package.  An instant smile came across his face.  He went straight to the box and opened it right up.  As he opened the package he told me about how great the helmet is.  It has this feature and that feature.  It is approved by this organization and that organization.  As he talked he pulled out the interior box and opened it up.  As he lifted the lid to reveal the helmet he stopped mid-sentence.  "What the heck?"
(old helmet in fancy new box)
This was not his new helmet.  He looked very confused.  Truly puzzled.  I'm not sure what he was thinking in those first few seconds, but as he was puzzling I yelled . . .

Here is my wonderful husband with the actual brand new helmet!
Thanks honey for being such a good sport.  :o)

I got him so good with the second one.  He mentioned it several times last night.  I don't think I've ever been called "stinker" that many times in one day.  You can bet I will be on my tip-toes come next April 1st.  There may be some retaliation.