Friday, April 3, 2009

When bored, build something!

The last time (and ONLY time so far) I posted on here was for the project of ripping apart the front steps of the house to make way for new ones.  I've been roundly criticized for never following up on that post so here is a picture of the tear down and how everything turned out.

Now, on to the new!  The steps happened last July, 8 months ago.  Not one to idle for very long, I was feeling the itch to build again.  Usually that involves a call to Pop to see if he wants to help. This time was no different and neither was the result.  He promptly declared "name a weekend and I'll be up."  I think he enjoys these projects as much as I do.

The project list around THIS old house is long and seems to have new things added faster than I can pick off listed jobs.  Tiffany will be the first to say that's because I don't actually FOLLOW the list, instead adding what I want at any given time.  Umm...she's right.  So, following my 'm.o.' this build wasn't really on the list but we need more room in the house and we need a freezer so that means stuff in the shop has to get moved somewhere else.  Where else?  How the new yard shed!

My first thought was to go small, just big enough to store yard tools, getting them out of the shop to make room for a freezer and shelves.  I built a decent floor structure and had it all ready in the yard but thought it looked kinda dinky and weak.  I also began to realize it would be nice to store this, and that, and oh yeah what about that too in there.  I stopped at that point to reconsider my options.  I think it was a case of my inner man reminding me "go big or go home."  Well, I was already home so that left me only one option right?  Go big.

Try #1 was a shed footprint of 5 feet wide by 2 feet deep.  Sad, I know.  Try #2 after Pop chimed in and said "needs to be bigger!" was a decided shed footprint of 8 feet wide by 6 feet deep.  His inner man is clearly much more seasoned than mine.

I like having Pop around.  In my efforts to keep costs at a minimum, I wanted small.  He insisted larger.  I didn't want to bother with, or pay for, a window.  Notice the window opening?Another Pop win.  

Here's how it stands at the moment.  Yep, to the left of the blue barrel you can see the corner of my pathetic first attempt at a shed floor. 

Progress has slowed considerably since Pop left.  I work on it when I can, excited about the next project which will be building shelves and racks inside the new shed.  Hmm...I can hear Tiffany's voice saying "that is NOT on the list!"

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