Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sofie Leann

I would like everyone to meet the reason Megan had to leave PACLAND.

Isn't she the cutest reason!!!

Sofie Leann was born on February 16th. (I'm sorry I don't remember her birth information)

I love this photo of the new family. Sofie is screaming yet Megan (and probably Dan too) has a big smile on her face. It was pretty much love at first sight!

Heidi and I went to visit Sofie, Megan and Dan the day after she was born. We just happened to be there at the same time as Aunt Barb and Grandma. Here is beautiful little Sofie with her Aunt Heidi and her Great Aunt Barb.

Congratulations again Megan & Dan!!!


Ry.and.Mi said...

Yay, lots for me to read on this sunny morning. Babies, Home-upgrades, husbands, laundry. These are all things I was excited to read about... and now I'm wondering if that makes me a "growed up".

Leigh said...

Warms my heart:) What a beautiful baby girl!