Friday, April 24, 2009

My Office

I love my office! Mainly because of the location and my proximity to a giant window. With just a small glance above my monitor I can see all kinds of things! The office building where I work is situated right on the slough that runs through Woodinville. The slough is an appealing place of birds and animals of all kinds. Almost on a daily basis in the spring I can see Blue Heron, Osprey, Geese and Bald Eagles.
Today these two wonderful birds of prey have been hanging out in my window!

They hung out on this power poll multiple times today. They would take off for a while and circle around the bright blue sky. Then they would disappear out of my window for a little while only to reappear later!

It is such a wonderful break from my computer work to stare out the window!

Two interesting things I thought of while typing this post.

#1 - I may be the only accountant that has a bird book on her shelf, and that bird book is the one that gets the most use!

#2 - I definitely get my love of birds from my mom! Oh no, I'm turning into my MOM!!! I guess it isn't that bad being like my mom!

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