Tuesday, April 21, 2009

February Friend & Finally Fixed

In early February Sydney had a friend come for a visit.

Annabell and Sydney spent hours playing while Ryan and I finally finished our laundry room re-do! The project started a LONG time ago when one evening after work Ryan decided to replace the overhead light in the kitchen. The light was old, ugly and flickered a bit. Well, if you have an older home like we do you probably know that a simple project is never a simple project. The first project usually leads to about a hundred more projects. That was certainly the case with our kitchen light. The simple light replacement turned into . . . cutting a hole in the kitchen ceiling, removing the wall board in the laundry room, rewiring the kitchen light, rewiring the laundry room outlet, putting up new sheet rock on the wall in the laundry room, patching the hole in the kitchen ceiling, painting the kitchen ceiling, putting up a new light in the kitchen, patching holes in the laundry room ceiling, painting the laundry room, rewiring the dryer outlet, buying a new cabinet, and hanging the new cabinet.

Here is the laundry room mid re-do. Man that wood panelling is ugly.
Doesn't it look great now!

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